About Us

NonStopFuel_Final1.jpgNonStop Fuel is the culmination of working with the childhood obesity problem in the United States. For the last 10 years our parent company, Going NonStop Inc., has been working to help fight childhood obesity with a unique, measurable, fun rewards based online program. NonStop helps children learn the right habits, thus taking them forward to their adult years. But we asked ourselves, how can we start making an impact on not only kids, but adults as well? That is where NonStop Fuel was born.
At the same time, there has been a trend forming across the country. People’s eyes are finally open and there is a dramatic and important shift towards healthier eating in the workplace. From this, our mission was born in support of our original intentions of helping kids help themselves; NonStop Fuel is here to help local businesses make smart choices related to the eating habits of their employees by being able to provide, not only healthy snacks and beverages, but have them be tasty as well. NonStop Fuel has two locations to serve you, Michigan (Detroit Metro), and Texas (Dallas Metro).