We all grew up with an image in our heads of what we would normally find in vending machines…whether we were at school, at the shopping mall, or any other location where we might have a craving for a snack.Traditional Snacks


NonStop Fuel offers unique products not traditionally found in vending.  We strive to find good tasting snacks and beverages that break the stereo type that healthy must taste bad or at least not good. (Please let us know if you have allergy issues that need to be addressed when selecting the product for your machine.  We do have access to nut free and gluten free products.

Here is a  few of our special products we offer.

Kona Red

konared-berriesNonStop Fuel is happy to offer Kona Red.  This is a unique drink that can be used as an energy drink, for re-hydration, as a sports recovery drink, and just about anything else you want to do with it. Click here for the science behind the magic!





Healthy All Natural Jerky

jerky flavors

NonStop Fuel proudly uses Golden Valley Natural. They offer the highest quality beef, buffalo and turkey jerky the way nature intended—ranch raised and always fresh. Experience Teriyaki, Bar-B-Que, Black Pepper, Sweet N’ Spicy or Original.

Since 1968, Golden Valley has been the leading producer of natural and organic meat snacks in the United States. Their heritage is founded on the promise to deliver premium products from over 15,000 of the finest livestock, all raised humanely on the lush green pastures of our majestic western ranchland.

Golden Valley is headquartered in Idaho Falls, Idaho, in which their state of the art facilities manufacture the products safely for your family. Golden Valley never add preservatives, erythorbate, nitrite or MSG to our meats. Go west and snack well with Golden Valley Natural.




Note: This is not a complete listing of what products NonStop Fuel offers or carries.  If you are looking for a specific snack or beverage, please feel free to click here to contact us and we will do our best to provide the product you are looking for.